ICoS Fanart Contest Winner!

The voting turnout for the Love Bytes ICoS fanart contest was AMAZING. There were nearly 300 voters!

The winning artist was Ren with the following image:

Isn’t awesome? It received 33% of the overall vote!

However, since all of the art was so great, and we’re so grateful for the fantastic entries, we are asking all artists if they want to have their submitted art featured on ICoS merchandise in the Zazzle store. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Ais and I will give more details on that in the future if it comes to pass. :]

To check out the contest page and all entries go to: http://lovebytesreviews.com/2014/10/01/winners-of-the-love-bytes-and-in-the-company-of-shadows-fanart-contest-announced/

And in other ICoS news, Boys in our Books are hosting another major giveaway to celebrate the completion of Evenfall Volumes 1 &2. In this giveaway, you have the chance to win a very limited edition paperback copy of each volume. Go to the Boys in our Books website for details!

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kassian lookin all “I woke up like this. flawless”


"What’s your sexuality?"

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throwing subs is for pussies



Laverne: Nicole, does your belief system now change, in which you now know you don’t need him to be there? 
Nicole: No. I think what happens is it turns into less a conversation about my blackness and more about relating to humanity, because that’s really what we’re trying to do. We’re just realizing that people are capable of doing it. We’re underestimating people because people said we weren’t viable. 

brb crying all over myself

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this is definitely my new favorite picture of kurt


this is definitely my new favorite picture of kurt

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Writing music




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